Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Salvation Prayer

The Bible clearly states that JESUS is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one can come to GOD except through Him (John 14:6)
The Bible also states that all has sinned and fall short of the glory of GOD (Romans). Through JESUS' blood and death on the cross, we can be cleansed from all sin and reconciled to GOD.

If you want to become a follower of JESUS CHRIST and spend eternity in Heaven with Him, say the following prayer earnestly in your heart to the LORD:

Dear GOD,
Thank You for leading me to the Truth. I believe You sent JESUS CHRIST Your Son to die on the cross for me. I confess my sins to You and ask for Your forgiveness. I invite JESUS into my heart and to be the LORD of my life. Thank You JESUS for being my Savior and help me to live for You.
In JESUS' Name,

The salvation prayer is the beginning of your new life in JESUS CHRIST.  Following Him is a life-long journey.  Being a follower of CHRIST is cultivating a personal, intimate relationship with the One and only True GOD.
To grow your relationship with Him, spend time daily in His presence through prayer and studying His Word, the Holy Bible.  Through Scripture, you will learn how to live for His glory.
The Bible also instructs us to gather with other followers of CHRIST (Scripture) as faithfully attending a local church that teaches truth from the Bible.
May GOD bless you on your Journey to Truth!

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